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Automotive leather

Automotive Wollsdorf leathers - introduction

One of the leading leather manufacturers Wollsdorf Europe has been specialized in automotive, furniture, marine and aircraft leathers in the heart of Europe; it is producing quality products at two sites in Austria. Leather solutions by Wollsdorf are as individual as our customers’ wishes.

It has been developing first class products for the automotive industry for decades. Every day approximately 20,000 cars are sold throughout the world that are upholstered in leather by Wollsdorf.
Our special strength is combining the high technical demands of the automotive industry with the naturalness, the character and the individuality of the natural leather product.

The leading steering wheel leather producer of the world, with 17.000 pieces per day.

Our company provides wide and comprehensive range of automotive leather in good quality for those who deal with upholstering, let’s speak about leathering of the steering wheel or complete leather upholstery.

Automotive Wollsdorf leathers

Catania Dakota Ambassador
Nappa exclusive  

Automotive perforated leather

Perforated leather

Printed Prima Nappa
Basis Medium category

Extreme colours of automotive leathers

Special colours